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Alcohol - Alcohol is not permitted on the Homestead. Aside from other considerations this item is prohibited on State land by State law. Violators of this prohibition will be evicted from the Encampment.

Fireworks, Projectiles, and Glow Sticks - Neither fireworks nor 'toy' missiles or drones are permitted. These items are prohibited on State land by State law. Violators of this prohibition will be evicted from the Encampment. Glow sticks have been the cause of numerous injuries as they rupture and release their chemicals; as a result these are also prohibited at Patriot Days. 

Loud Music - Please refrain from playing loud music from electronic devices that cause a nuisance to other campers.

Off-Limits Areas -  Except for scheduled activities, all areas not detailed or specified as campsites or activity areas are off-limits to all campers. (Consult map you receive at check-in.) Off-limits areas include the dam, the saw mill, and wading in the creek. Off-limits areas also include the boundaries of other units' campsites. Be sure to use roads and walkways instead of passing through the campsites of others. Anyone attempting to vandalize State property, molest livestock, or enter posted off-limits areas is subjecting both themselves and their unit to eviction from the Encampment and violation of State laws.


Pets - We all love the company of our pets, but we ask you not to bring them to Patriot Days. No matter how harmless your Snoopy may seem to you, he may just seem a nuisance to the next campsite and in addition, exhibit unpredictable behavior in a large crowd.

Swimming -The creek looks very inviting on a hot day, but unfortunately the State does not permit swimming or wading for obvious safety reasons.

Water Guns - Water guns are not permitted at Patriot Days, and may be confiscated and returned to group leaders for keeping during the weekend.

Walkie-talkies - Walkie-talkies operated by campers interfere with staff and security communications during the weekend. Please limit their use if your unit uses this method of communications.

Wheels - We ask that you leave your wheels at home. This includes bicycles, skateboards, skooters, shoe skates, and rollerblades. They become hazardous on our pedestrian-filled roads.

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