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Saturday-only visitors will be greeted by personnel who will give registration instructions and parking direction.


All instructions below apply to weekend campers who arrive on Friday and check-out on Sunday.

We request that all groups arrive at the Homestead between 4:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. on Friday, if possible. Please note on your Registration Form if you plan on a late Friday night or Saturday arrival. We will not be prepared to check-in your group before 4:00 P.M. Enter the Homestead by crossing Daniel Boone Road from the jug handle turn. Traffic controllers will direct you to parking and/or check-in. Please remain in your vehicle at check-in - Drivers and Passengers . Leader in charge: leader receives packet containing traffic flow map, campsite map, unit listing, schedule of events, and evaluation form. Note: no money will change hands Friday night. All money settlement regarding the registration fee will take place on Saturday morning. 

All other vehicles: Will be directed by traffic personnel.




Do not obstruct the Traffic Flow.....and Never leave vehicle unattended while unloading.

​Consolidate all of your heavy equipment into as few vehicles as possible to avoid delays in unloading. Passage through the unloading access road will be limited.

​Transport your unit members in as few vehicles as possible. Fewer vehicles entering the Homestead will help us to ensure a smoother check-in.

​Plan to carry your personal gear from the parking lot.

​Scanners, Citizen Band radios, FRS radios, and similar communication devices should be turned off as you approach the Daniel Boone Homestead and remain off throughout the weekend. Airwaves must be clear for traffic and security personnel.

Please follow these procedures strictly so that you can unload and park your vehicles as quickly as possible and ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Vehicle with heavy equipment:

1. Will be directed by traffic personnel to an unloading spot. (If the ground is dry park with two wheels on the road but far enough to the side to let other vehicles pass. If the ground is wet park entirely on the road.)

2. Do not drive off the road to your campsite. No vehicles or trailers of any type will be allowed on the campsite fields.

3. Unload all gear to side of road before you carry gear to your campsite.  Driver stays with vehicle while unloading.

4. Move vehicle immediately after unloading and follow traffic personnel direction to parking or exit.

​Vehicles which are leaving the Homestead promptly after drop-off:

Drivers who do not plan to stay, and who carry only one passenger and light gear should plan to drop-off their passenger at the Homestead entrance. Information personnel will direct the passenger to his campsite.

Vehicles transporting campers and staying for the weekend:  

Follow directions of traffic personnel to assigned parking area.

Prepare to carry as much equipment as possible from your parking area to your campsite.

Large buses: Special unloading areas are available for large buses. We advise that you use smaller vehicles if at all possible; Homestead roads were not designed for large vehicles. Again, plan to carry as much equipment as possible to your campsite.

Be sure to observe the 5 MPH SPEED LIMIT. Refer to enclosed Homestead map for clarification of parking regulations and location of parking.

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